Hyperbolic Paraboloid Printed Surface Classroom Activity


These are models for several quadric surfaces that are useful for Multivariable Calculus classes. The surfaces include raised bumps representing traces. The models allow students to make the connection between the abstract formula/2D pictures to the actual surface in 3D. I have also inclued an in-classroom activity that I used when teaching Multivariable Calculus. Each group was given a printed version of the hyperbolic paraboloid surface, and then they worked through the questions on the activity together.

Design process:

I used Mathematica to generate the surfaces using the included Mathematica code. I used Slic3r to fix errors in the STL and to split the hyperbolic paraboloid into two pieces to make it printable without supports.

Post-print finishing:

Glue the hyperbolic paraboloid pieces together using super glue. If printed in ABS, you can “weld” the two pieces together with acetone.